About Us

Panamatravelsolution is a Global Clic Marketing SA website who is responsible for all website support, web maintenance, web development and programing at airpanama.com. Panamatravelsolution.com was developed because of the overwhelming need Airpanama customers seem to have for information and other tourism related services.

We have developed panamatravelsolution.com to offer a simple full service, one stop shop for hotel and other activities everywhere airline flies into.

Panamatravelsolution.com basically gives you the ability to make a complete travel plan in one website around Panama, Costa Rica and Columbia. Every airport Airpanama fly to, we discover and offer everything related to your trip including, hotel, transportation, activities, restaurants, clubs, festivals and whatever we feel would be interesting to a newcomer “ tourist “ to participate in. We uncover and make available whatever interesting we find in everything a destination has to offer in and around Panama.

This is a growing site and we need your help to make our site better, more efficient and more effective. Our hope is to bring programs and services you so to cut down hours of search and investigation you have to do on your own. We do the research, we go for the experience and then we make available everything we can find under one roof “panamatravelsolution.com. We give you one point of contact and allow you to plan your trip, without all the hassle.

We have interviewed 100s of airpanama passengers and we feel our direction will help create a better experience for the first time travellers and make the experience even better for those who have already visited Panama.

To serve you best we have the following ways of contact:

Online chat 24x7x365

Phone: 507.399.7168

Skype: airpanamatravel

Email: info@panamatravelsolution.com

Contact us anytime to discuss your next trip.